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Zodiac Signs and Facial Features | Water Sign Love

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Zodiac Signs and Facial Features | Water Sign Love
May 13th 2012, 07:08

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Sometimes you can just look at someone and get an idea of what their sign is. Your outer appearance is more determined by your rising sign, which was the sign rising on the eastern horizon the moment you were born, but your sun sign can still have a big say in how you look. If you don't know what your rising sign is, you can find out for free at You'll need to know your birth time down to the minute. Physical traits and mannerisms are influenced by a mixture of your rising and sun signs.

For instance, look at someone who has Aries Sun/Rising. You'll probably see an angular jawline and hawk-like eyes. Just look at Aries natives Kristen Stewart, Keira Knightley, Robert Downey Jr. and Heath Ledger and you'll see the classic Aries look.

Taurus people have a rounder face with a broad chin and clear complexion. Their eyes are bright and clear, but not quite day-dreamy. They give the look of steady wholesomeness. See Lily Allen, George Clooney, Jet Li and Busta Rhymes.

Gemini natives always look and act younger than they are. They have big, wide grins and round cheeks (the apples of the cheeks) with wide, curious eyes that move quickly around to take in their surroundings. Check out the similarities between Alanis Morissette, Lenny Kravitz, Justin Long and Paula Abdul.

Cancers often have high foreheads, broad jawlines, strong noses and eyes that catch the light or seem to glow (you knew I was gonna throw in a moon reference somewhere). Prime examples of the Cancerian look are Sandra Oh, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Carlos Santana.

It's not just a cliche that Leos' "manes" are important to them — it's their trademark. That, or they have a distinctly feline look about them, a sharpness in their eyes. It's almost hard to describe, but look at Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Coolio and Mick Jagger.

In efficient Virgo fashion, their faces tend to be either small or well-proportioned, as if a team of mathematicians mapped out the proportions of their faces. Their eyes are hooded, or they have low, heavy-looking eyebrows and studious but pleasant eyes. Look at Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz, Rachel Bilson and Marc Anthony.

Many Libra natives are just classically good-looking. Strong bone structure with a squared jaw in some degree, a pleasant smile and warm, inviting eyes. Even when they aren't being so pleasant, their faces don't give it away as much. Check out Gwyneth Paltrow, Mya, Eminem and Hugh Jackman.

Scorpios are hard to miss, all you have to do is get hypnotized by their deep, serious eyes. The rest of their face has a softness that lets their eyes take center stage. Look at Emma Stone, Ann Hathaway, Nelly and Brad Paisley to see what I mean.

Sagittarians have laughing eyes, but also have a sense of purpose in them. Their skin looks radiant and healthy, as if they spend a lot of time in the fresh air and sunshine and use just the right amount of sunblock. Their cheekbones are strong and often high. Adam Brody, Tyra Banks, Taylor Swift and Jamie Foxx are good Sagittarius poster children.

Capricorn people either remind me of rocky mountains, or gods chiseled from marble. They have really nice, high cheekbones, nice teeth and high-arched or just well-maintained eyebrows. Their eyes can seem dull, but only because they think deeply and seriously. A few of the marble gods are Emilie de Ravin, Kate Moss, Denzel Washington and Rob Zombie.

Aquarians have broad, round or oval faces without too much angle to them. They seem to have a stern look on their faces (or just in their eyes) at all times, even when they are smiling. Their eyes have a coldness to them, but not in a negative way — they are just reflective and take things as they are. Paul Newman, Shakira, Paris Hilton and Chris Rock all have the classic Aquarius look.

Pisces actually do remind me of fish in a way. They have sweet, "innocent" faces, dreamy eyes or big mouths that are good for pouting or big smiles. Jessica Biel, Queen Latifah, Bruce Willis and Kurt Cobain are good examples of this.

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